How Much Does a Plumber Cost in Florida?

Plumber Cost Florida


The cost of a plumber in Florida is determined by a wide array of factors. Everything from the urgency of the job in question to the extent of the repair/replacement to the specialized equipment necessary to get the job done influence the total cost. Furthermore, plumbers do not all have the same rates. Some plumbers will charge considerably more than others for the exact same project. When in doubt, get a few quotes and compare the online reviews of each plumbing company before making a decision.

The Cost of Labor

The cost of using specialized equipment along with the unique challenges of each project shape the total cost of the plumbing service. However, the cost of labor is the primary determinant of the project’s aggregate cost. Every Florida plumber’s time is worth good money. Furthermore, the plumber’s expertise is priced into his or her labor as well.

So do not hesitate to pay for seemingly high-priced labor. There is a good chance the quoted price really is worth the money once you consider the plumber’s years of experience, nuanced knowledge and ability to get the job done in a quick and efficient manner. As is often said, you get what you pay for. Hire a professional, licensed and well-trained plumber and you will get every penny’s worth and then some.

The Nuances of the Project Matter in the Context of Pricing

The more work the job necessitates, the greater the price will be. In particular, projects that require highly specialized plumbing knowledge, equipment or a lengthy time commitment will prove comparably costly.

As an example, replacing one or several burst pipes is likely to cost more than clearing out a clogged drain. Furthermore, additional labor will be necessary to reline pipes, remove fixtures and address faulty sewage/septic systems. Alter your pricing expectations based on the amount of work required and the level of nuanced specialization necessary and you will not be shocked by the price estimate.

Plumber Cost in Florida: Drain Cleaning

Clearing out clogged drains is one of the most common plumbing projects in Florida and beyond. Some clogs simply require the expertise and specialized equipment of an experienced plumber. Professional drain clearing will likely result in a bill between $150 and $300. In general, most people budget around $200 for a potential drain clearing. However, the specific equipment necessary to clear the drain, ranging from video inspection to drain clearing cable machines, power jetting machines and beyond ultimately shape the total cost of the project.

Installing a new Toilet

The installation of a new toilet will cost several hundred dollars. The typical plumber in Florida is likely to charge between $350 and $700 to install a new toilet. This averages out to around $450. However, the total cost of installation hinges on myriad factors ranging from the specific plumber hired to the current status of the plumbing system, the toilet’s design, efficiency and so on.

Main Sewer Lines and Secondary Sewer Lines

Clogged main sewer lines tend to be fairly expensive to repair. Though repairs to secondary lines are not as expensive, the price of such a project will still make a dent in your budget. Main sewer line clogs require that much more labor to clear compared to secondary line clogs so it only makes sense that clearing the main line proves more expensive. The secondary lines are those that drain from individual fixtures such as the tub, sink or toilet. These secondary lines direct water flow to the main sewer line.

Furthermore, septic repairs are also comparably expensive simply because these are “rush” jobs that require prompt attention from a plumber in Florida. You can expect to spend around $300 or more for a septic/sewer line repair. Get a couple quotes, take a look at each Florida plumber’s online reviews and you will be able to make a truly informed decision.


Plumber cost in Florida depends on a variety of factors. From the basic cost of labor and the task at hand to various situational factors, several elements come into play. It is always a good idea to check online reviews, get quotes, and compare the pricing structures of different plumbers before deciding on one. This way, you will be able to hire a plumber who is not only good at his job, but won’t force you to break the bank either.

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