Pipes have the potential to wear down or prove fallible in due time just like nearly every other component of Coral Springs homes. Though you might not have to deal with the drama of a burst pipe at any point in your life, you will rest easier if you are prepared to deal with such an unfortunate event.

Do not underestimate the potential damage from a burst pipe. If a pipe bursts in the basement laundry room, there is a good chance the basement will be flooded from end-to-end.

Water damage will compromise your belongings and leave behind nasty mold no Coral Springs homeowner should have to deal with. Here is a quick look at exactly what you should do if a pipe bursts in your home.

1. Remain Calm

The most important thing you can do after finding out a pipe has burst in your home is remain calm. Do not panic. Try to think clearly and be decisive. Use your mind’s eye to envision the location of your home’s water supply shutoff valve. Head over to the valve as quickly as possible and put it in the off position. Turning off the water shutoff valve helps mitigate the extent of the water damage.

2. The Next Step: Examine the Pipes

Now that the water supply shutoff valve is in the off position, it is time to analyze your home’s pipes. The pipes likely endured meaningful damage as a result of the break. If the pipes are made of lead, they should be replaced with copper or PVC pipes. Our local plumbers are here to assess the damage to your pipes, pinpoint the underlying problem(s) with your plumbing system and perform the appropriate repairs.

3. Prevent Future Bursts

Now that you know your home plumbing system is vulnerable, this is the perfect opportunity for our Coral Springs plumbers to identify additional problems. The last thing you need is for another pipe to burst. Let our plumbers examine your pipes for holes, leaks, cracks and other damage. Even the smallest issue with your pipes can expand to the point that the water gushes out. Our local plumbers in Coral Springs will identify hairline fractures, diminutive cracks, and pinholes in pipes, remedy them and provide you with invaluable peace of mind. You will rest easy knowing you have done everything in your power to prevent another burst pipe that jeopardizes everything you value.

4. Avoid the Temptation to Perform a DIY Fix

Nowadays, homeowners in Coral Springs and beyond feel empowered by home improvement/repair how-to videos and write-ups posted on the internet. Some go as far as attempting DIY home plumbing repair. If a pipe bursts in your Coral Springs home or if any other plumbing problem arises, do the smart thing by asking our plumbing crew for assistance. Our certified plumbers have pipe cutters, blow torches, and other specialized equipment necessary to repair burst pipes.


When a pipe bursts in your Coral Springs home, it can take a toll on your peace of mind. However, this need not be the case. Stay calm and think with a clear mind so you can start taking the necessary steps, like shutting off the main valve, to control the damage from water to your home and belongings. Then, call our experienced plumbing service to handle the rest. We will examine and fix any plumbing issue, helping you get your life back on track as soon as possible.

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