Plumbing leaks have the potential to ruin your Deerfield Beach home. Aside from causing extensive water damage, they also decrease your home’s plumbing system efficiency. Adding salt to the wound is the fact that leaks typically cost much more to repair than Deerfield Beach homeowners would expect. The most important thing you can do to decrease its effects at your Deerfield Beach home is to coordinate preventative plumbing maintenance every year or two. Otherwise, you run the risk of such issues going undetected and causing extensive damage. You can do a few things on your own in between plumbing appointments to determine if your plumbing system has leaks.

1. Take a Close Look at Your Monthly Water Bill

It is a mistake to auto-pay your water bill every single month without taking a look at how much you are spending. If your water bill does not accurately reflect the amount of water you are using, it is an indication your plumbing system might leak. However, the only way to determine if there is a leak is to have our Deerfield Beach plumbers perform an in-depth pipe inspection. Once we analyze your home’s plumbing, you will finally know whether the spike in your water bill is the result of increased use or a leak. This is the peace of mind every Deerfield Beach homeowner deserves.

2. Be Mindful of the Water Pressure

If your home’s water pressure decreases, do not shrug it off as another mystery of your Deerfield Beach home! Reduced water pressure in plumbing systems means the plumbing system has a leak or a blockage is forming. If the leak in the plumbing system is significant enough to spur a decrease in water pressure, you must act quickly. Fail to respond promptly and you just might end up with considerable water damage. There is no harm in turning off the water altogether and reaching out to our 24 Hour Emergency Plumbers in Deerfield Beach for assistance. We will head on over to your home as soon as possible to perform a comprehensive analysis of your plumbing system.

3. Check the Water Meter

Turn off your home’s plumbing systems, take a look at the water meter and you might be able to determine if there is a leak. If the meter is not running when the water is completely off, there’s probably no leak in the plumbing system. Even if there is a leak, it is likely too small to be noticed if the meter does not run when the water is off. However, if the meter continues to run after the water has been turned off, water is likely exiting the system. This is your prompt to reach out to our local plumbers in Deerfield Beach for assistance.

4. Water Damage

Some Deerfield Beach homeowners spot water damage in their living space and assume it is nothing to worry about. Others assume signs of water damage may have been present for a while yet not discovered until recently. Water damage is the worst possible way to find out your plumbing system leaks. Pinhole leaks are especially problematic as they inflict damage on the plumbing system for months yet can only be detected by experienced Deerfield Beach plumbers. If you spot any visible water damage in your home, reach out to our emergency plumbers in Deerfield Beach without delay. The leak will only worsen if it is not promptly addressed.


Identifying water leaks by yourself can be tricky, which is why homeowners are better off engaging experienced plumbers for this job. Of course, residents can do several things to spot the obvious leaks on their own, but sometimes it becomes necessary to scratch beneath the surface. Do not hesitate to get professional help to ensure that your plumbing system is free from problems and your home is protected from unforeseen trouble resulting from water damage.

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