How to Cap Water Pipes with Push-to-Connect Fittings in Your Florida Home

Copper Pipe End Caps

After removing a fixture, it is usually necessary to either temporarily or permanently cap off the supply line. Supply lines are kind of tricky to drain, making them tougher to solder and turning a usually straightforward procedure into a frustrating ordeal. The solution is to create enough space in the pipe where you need it most, near the end cap.

These fittings might be pricey, but for most homeowners, the ease of use outweighs the cost.


Things You Should Know

If not installed properly, excess pressure or water hammer occurs, and these fittings can blow off, causing extensive flood damage if no one is home.

You can cap any copper pipe in a few minutes with push-to-connect fittings.




Shut Off the Water and Drain the Pipe. Since you will cut the pipe, shutting off the water supply at the main shutoff valve lowers the pressure in the pipe and guarantees no flood occurs. Draining the pipe minimizes spilling water when you cut the pipe.



Cut the Pipe. When cutting the pipe, ensure that the cut is clean and straight so that the push-to-connect cap will fit snuggly. A tubing cutter does better than a hacksaw for a clean cut. Leave enough pipe to avoid adding and extending when reconnecting the piping.



Wipe the Pipe End Clean. Any metal chippings will prevent the push-to-connect cap from fitting correctly, resulting in leaks. Use a rag to clean the cut pipe. File down any rough edges using a metal file so there are no spaces between the pipe and the sealing cap. Avoid sanding down the pipe and decreasing its original diameter, as this will prevent the cap from fitting correctly.



Mark the Depth of Each End of The Pipe. Measure and mark the length of the push-to-connect fitting to the pipe to know if it has a complete fit. Insert the open end of the cap into the pipe you want to cap. Push the fitting along the pipe until it reaches the depth mark you had made on the pipe. Listen for a click, which indicates that the pipe has tapped the end of the cap.



Check That the Cap Fits. Turn the water shutoff valve back on, allow the water to start flowing again, and check for leaks around the capped area. Most push-to-fit caps come with a unique tool that you can use to remove the fitting anytime. The tool is typically a small plastic piece of equipment that you push onto the cap, eventually releasing it.

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