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The professionals at Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Restoration have the service solutions you need when you run into a leaky pipe. Whether it’s leak detection you require, or the complete replacement of a pipe, we offer flat-rate pricing for our plumbing services - even if the job takes longer than expected to complete.

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Trustworthy Water Leak Detection and Repairs in Highland Beach

water leak detection services

Do you own a private residence, or a commercial building? We service personal and public properties in Highland Beach, and specialize in leak detection services. Count on our knowledgeable plumbing team to arrive on time to help you locate, and repair, your leaky pipes.

When you notice unexpected puddles of water, or turn on a faucet only to notice there is little to no water pressure being produced, chances are that there is a water leak in that pipeline. Your home can suffer major damage if these water leaks are not located and repaired as soon as possible.

Our service team specializes in the detection of these leaks, and arrive prepared with modern plumbing technology that enables us to locate any leak, no matter where it is in your pipe system. Our camera inspection technique allows us to send a small camera through a suspected leaky pipe, and locate the root of the problem.

What’s Better: Pipe Replacement or Repair?

Upon arrival at your home or business, we consider the condition of the existing pipes. By doing so, we’re able to get an idea of whether a repair or replacement of a leaky pipe will be necessary.

Call us at Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Restoration immediately after noticing symptoms of a water leak within your home. Our specialties lie in repairing water leaks, while restoring the water damaged areas to provide customers with peace of mind once again.

What are the symptoms of a leaky or damaged pipe? They include:

  • Water damage on specific areas of your floor or ceiling
  • A musty, moldy smell
  • Pooling water under your sink, in your yard, or in your basement
  • Little or no water pressure when a faucet is turned on.
  • A sudden increase in your water bill, without having used excess water that month

After we detect a leak, we’ll use our expertise to inspect the damaged pipe, and decide whether a small repair, or complete replacement, will be necessary.

Call (561) 245-7435 to schedule an appointment for water leak detection service today in Highland Beach, FL. We’re always prepared, and happy to help.

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