There is no reason to be intimidated by the prospect of water pipe replacement. If your Florida plumbers determine you need water pipe replacement, don’t fret! This project will be completed quicker and with less stress than expected. Furthermore, our team is here to break down water pipe replacement in plain English you and every other Florida homeowner can understand.

Water Pipe Replacement is Inevitable

Live in your home long enough and the time will eventually come when your water pipes need to be replaced. Pipes gradually wear down, leak, break and falter in other ways. In fact, it is even possible for water pipes to become congested with mineral deposits that spur the need for repair or replacement.

In particular, Florida homes built prior to World War II often have galvanized steel pipes likely to corrode to the point that replacement is necessary for 50 years or less. However, water pipe replacement in Florida is not the type of project you can handle on your own. This is a job for the professionals.

The Best Plumbers Sweat the Small Stuff

Permits from your local city must be pulled prior to the addition of the new water pipes. Local codes regulate the installation of new plumbing lines. These codes detail all the nuances of the water line placement. In fact, a city inspector will even conduct a final inspection after the plumbing system is installed to ensure it adheres to local regulations.

Preparing for Water Pipe Replacement

The best plumbers understand the value of preparation. Elite Florida plumbers will prepare to the extent that they set up an alternative water source so the homeowner and his or her family can continue to enjoy a steady flow of water throughout the duration of the project. If any large items such as furniture or appliances must be removed or temporarily repositioned, these matters will be discussed before work commences.

Re-piping Done Right

Though re-piping is a large project, the right plumbing team will minimize the intrusiveness of this work to keep your home as clean and peaceful as possible. In other words, there is no need to turn your Florida home into a complete demolition zone for water pipe replacement. In general, re-piping typically takes between three and five days to complete. The size of your home ultimately determines the amount of time it takes to replace the pipes.

Put your faith in Florida plumbers proven worthy of their keep and they will ensure your water service remains functional throughout the entirety of this project. In fact, those who spend the majority of their day at work might not experience a single water service interruption.

Replacing Water Pipes in a Manner That Protects Your Home

The re-piping team starts the water pipe replacement project by covering the floors and furniture so they do not endure even the slightest water damage or dust exposure amidst the work. The plumbing team then locates the pipes within the walls by making cuts into the drywall positioned in the ceilings and/or walls. The plumbers will take care to strictly remove the building material required to reach and remove the compromised or aged pipe. The brand new copper, CPVC or PEX piping is then installed.

At this point, the plumbing crew can commence work on the addition of new pipes for a home remodeling project. The plumbers then restore the cuts in the walls/ceiling after the pipes are replaced. The crew will patch and even re-texture the cuts so there is no visual evidence of water pipe replacement at your Florida home.

Addressing the Drywall

Re-piping requires wall interference. Be sure to budget for replacement drywall so you are not stuck with the cuttings. The plumber can perform the replacement on your behalf. Once the drywall is replaced, your new plumbing system will be 100% complete and your home will be returned to normal.

Testing After Water Pipe Replacement

Once new pipes are installed at your Florida property, reinspection must be performed. This analysis ensures the pipes are properly connected and there is no leakage. Even the slight wastage of water is unacceptable after new pipe installation. Testing also guarantees the new pipes are properly installed, functioning in full accordance with the homeowner’s expectations. Finally, the local government will verify the new plumbing is in accordance with all local codes.


The thought of getting water pipes replaced can make any Florida homeowner break into a sweat. However, with expert plumbers on the job, you need not worry about a thing. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a dependable job that’s also quick and efficient. Whether it is preparing for the replacement, re-piping, replacing the drywall or testing the replaced pipe, we have you covered. You can count on us!

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