Coral Springs Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp Systems

ultraviolet lamp systems

When added to your home or office’s heating and cooling system (HVAC system), ultraviolet devices can provide numerous advantages, including health benefits. This ultraviolet technology was introduced about 25 years ago as a mechanism for improving the quality of indoor air. If you’re interested in an ultraviolet lamp system for your home or office, consult with a knowledgeable Coral Springs heating and cooling specialist today.

The Benefits of an Ultraviolet Lamp System

You can derive multiple benefits by adding a UV lamp system to your HVAC unit:

  • It helps prevent a microbial buildup on cooling coils, air filters, duct surfaces, and drain pans, which keeps your entire heating and cooling system running like new.
  • It helps prevent your HVAC system from becoming overworked as a result of a buildup of contaminants.
  • It improves both, the heat exchange and the airflow of your HVAC system by reducing the contaminants in which it comes in contact.
  • It helps reduce your home or office’s overall expending of energy and reduces your energy bills in the process. By restoring your HVAC system, the largest energy consumer in your home, to a like-new condition, the savings can be significant.
  • It is a cost-effective investment.
  • It helps keep organic matter in your HVAC system to a bare minimum, and as a result, your family stays healthier.

Professional Consultation

UV lamp systems have much to offer, but they aren’t suitable for every home. Many factors affect the effectiveness of this technology, including the number and intensity of the lamps installed, the direction and placement of the lamps, the surrounding area’s level of reflectivity, and the temperature and level of humidity in your home. A heating and cooling professional will help you determine if a UV lamp system is right for you.

If You’re Interested in Installing an Ultraviolet Lamp System, Consult with an Experienced Coral Springs HVAC Specialist Today

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