Coral Springs Mold Remediation

Coral Springs Mold Remediation

Addressing Mold Issues in the Coral Springs Area

Every home and commercial building will have some amount of mold, as mold spores can enter structures through windows or ducts, and you can bring mold in on your clothes and items. You cannot see these microscopic mold spores, yet they can have a serious effect on your home and health if the mold levels increase too much.

If you suspect you have a mold problem, you should address the matter right away. Without proper mold removal and remediation, you and others in your household or office can experience serious health issues. You should not wait to contact the mold remediation specialists at Erica’s Plumbing in Coral Springs. The longer you wait, the more difficult and costly the job might be, so call us today.

Mold in Your Home

Mold can affect structures in different ways, and remediation services you need will depend on the amount of mold present and the location of the mold. Some mold removal is relatively quick with minimal disruption, while other cases require tearing out materials and restoring that area of your home without mold. Whether your job is relatively minor or extensive, Erica’s Plumbing can help.

Our remediation process can include the following and more, depending on the extent of the mold problem:

  • Discovering mold colonies in your home or office
  • Working to contain the mold and keep it from spreading
  • Utilizing special air scrubbers and vacuums to clear the existing mold without it spreading
  • Using air filters to remove spores in the air
  • Professionally cleaning all your walls, carpets, and belongings
  • Tearing out walls or other materials with mold infestations
  • Completing the restoration of your property to its state before the mold

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Erica’s Plumbing knows how to successfully remediate mold from your home or office. Request a service call online or call us directly to learn about our services today.

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