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An air handler, as opposed to an air conditioner, is usually located inside one’s home as a component of a split-system AC or heat pump. An air handler’s internal blower distributes the air that it conditions throughout your home via the ductwork and keeps the temperature in your house at a more comfortable level in the process. HVAC systems (heating and cooling systems) are complicated, and it’s unrealistic to expect to understand the finer nuances of every appliance. An experienced Coral Springs heating and cooling specialist, however, can help you better understand what’s out there and find the air handler that’s right for you.

Air Handler versus Air Conditioner

In trying to understand what an air handler is, it can help to distinguish it from an air conditioner. There are distinctions worth mentioning, including:

  • An air handler is usually located inside the home, while an air conditioner is typically located outside.
  • Air handlers blow air that’s been conditioned throughout the home while an air conditioner’s main function is to remove heat from inside the home.

Air Handlers Aren’t Blowers

If you have a conventional HVAC system, it has a blower built into it, and you probably don’t need to think much about air handlers because, in all likelihood, you don’t need one. If you have or are considering a heat pump or a split-system AC, on the other hand, the air handler is critical. While air handlers contain blowers, they aren’t blowers in and of themselves. Instead, the blowing mechanism is one component of an air handler. Finally, air handlers work in tandem with your heating and cooling system.

If You Have Questions about Air Handlers, an Experienced Coral Springs Air Handler Specialist Has Answers

Whether your HVAC system incorporates an air handler or you’re considering going in that direction, the heating and cooling specialists at Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Restoration in Coral Springs, Florida, are here to help. Our dedicated team of professionals has the experience, skill, and knowledge to expertly address all your questions and concerns related to air handlers. For more information, please contact or call us at 561-475-1251 today.

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