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Air conditioning is critical to Florida summers, and your air conditioner’s compressor is critical to your unit’s proper functioning. If there’s a problem with your AC’s compressor, the comfort level in your home is going to take a hit and you’ll need the professional services of a Coral Springs AC specialist.

Your AC’s Compressor

The compressor in your air conditioning unit is much like the heart of your cooling system. It pumps refrigerant throughout your home or office’s system while compressing cold vapor and increasing vapor pressure. The cooling generated by your AC begins with its compressor, which dissipates hot, pressurized vapors through the unit’s discharge line. In other words, your AC’s compressor is a complicated mechanism – in a complicated system – that requires regular professional maintenance and professional service (when there’s an issue).

Warning Signs That Repairs Are in Order

You want your AC’s compressor to remain in top working order. As such, it’s important to be aware of the warning signs that indicate repairs are needed, including:

  • Your vents are blowing warm air (or air that isn’t as cool as it used to be).
  • Your air conditioning unit is making strange hissing or clunking sounds.
  • Your AC can no longer keep up with your home’s cooling needs.
  • Your air conditioner has to make several attempts before it finally turns on.

If Your AC’s Compressor Is Struggling, Contact an Experienced Coral Springs AC Professional Today

If it’s summer in Florida, you need your AC to be in top shape, and that begins with its compressor. The dedicated AC professionals at Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Restoration in Coral Springs, Florida, have the skills, experience, and expertise to right whatever’s wrong with your unit’s compressor. We’re here to help (24/7), so please contact or call us at 561-475-1251 today.

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