There are all sorts of different reasons why pipe repair is eventually necessary for every home in Pompano Beach and beyond. In some situations, the homeowner could have been more proactive while in other instances, the homeowner did everything properly. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the most common reasons why pipe repair in Pompano Beach is necessary.

Faulty Initial Installation

Oftentimes, pipe repair in Pompano Beach is necessary as a result of the original contractor’s incompetence, poor handiwork, or laziness. In some cases, pipe installation crews are outright negligent in their installation of new piping. If substandard materials are used during the installation process or if corners are cut, the chances of pipe repair in Pompano Beach really are that much greater. Sadly, pipes that should have functioned without flaw for nearly half a century will cause you problems well before the anticipated expiration date when installed incorrectly.

Pipe Decay Can Prompt Repair

Older pipes sometimes rupture as a result of corrosion or rust. It is possible for pipe walls to weaken to the point that they cannot endure any more pressure. Ongoing water exposure presents the risk of decay, especially if the pipe is positioned within an especially moist section of the building. Pipe decay is particularly common in Pompano Beach homes that have steel plumbing and properties with plumbing systems installed 40-50 years ago or earlier.

Soil Shifting Below the Surface

When water lines are installed, there is an expectation the land will remain in its current position and state across posterity. However, in reality, subterranean conditions alter as time progresses due to myriad factors. As an example, it is possible for eroding soil along the home’s perimeter or even the perimeter of the lawn to put excessive pressure on the pipes below. It is also possible for roots to extend to areas where they were not expected to be and lead to pipe failure.

Pests and Rodents Can Spur the Need for Pipe Repair in Coral Springs

Few would guess that pipe repair in Pompano Beach is sometimes the result of little critters wreaking havoc down below. Everything from beavers to moles, rats, and gophers can damage piping. Fail to keep an eye out for these little buggers and it is possible a line leak resulting from their gnawing will occur both below and above ground.

Drain Blockages

The drain cleaners available at the local store won’t prove effective for every single type of clog. If the clog is especially severe, one of our plumbers will use a camera to get a closer look at the problem. Once the clog is inspected, a hydro jet might be necessary to remove it. Failure to resolve the clog in a timely manner and pipe repair in Pompano Beach might prove necessary.

Wear and Tear can Create the Need for Pipe Repair in Pompano Beach

Your home’s pipes will not stand the test of time. Though it is possible your home plumbing system will outlive you if you have reached your golden years, the odds are regular wear and tear will force the need for pipe repair in Pompano Beach. Everything from copper pipes to iron pipes, steel pipes, and PVC pipes will wear down. Lean on our team to help determine if pipe repair in Pompano Beach is the best solution or if the replacement is more prudent.

Pipe Cracks are a Major Threat to Your Home Plumbing

If there is even a tiny crack in your home’s pipes, it will prove problematic in due time. Water moves through pipes thanks to the force of, particularly intense pressure. Even the smallest crack is likely to enlarge, causing the pipe to burst. It merely takes a single second for a pipe to burst. However, the entire room could be flooded in the following minutes. This is precisely why it is in your interest to have your home plumbing system’s pipes regularly inspected for cracking. Otherwise, it is guaranteed you will need pipe repair or pipe replacement in Pompano Beach sooner rather than later.

Alterations in Hydraulic Dynamics

A water line affected by rapidly altering pressure across a short span of time really is that much more likely to falter. If the replacement parts are not optimal for the current pipes, they are likely to compromise the entire plumbing system in due time. The one-by-one replacement of specific parts such as cutoff switches, pressure gauges, and pumps should be done with due care to ensure the overarching system is not compromised in any way. In some cases, the underlying issue is a water well that is insufficient for the current water table. When in doubt, lean on our plumbing crew to determine the true cause of the problem and help you decide if pipe repair in Pompano Beach is necessary.

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