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There are many different signs that your home or business might have a water leak. While a water leak may start small and might not seem like a big deal, it can quickly turn into a serious problem when left unaddressed. Erica’s Plumbing has a team of expert leak detection specialists who know how to resolve the matter quickly to minimize the damage to your property. Seek help from our Broward County leak detection team right away!

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Problems with Leaks

Leaks do not happen all at once, like a burst pipe or other water-related emergencies. Instead, you might notice a musty smell, mildew, wet areas near water-based appliances, changes in your water meter or water costs, cracks in your foundation, and more. If you ignore the issue, a leak can turn into a much bigger problem, including a deteriorating foundation, destroyed landscaping, flooding inside your home, or even a possible sinkhole forming.

It is critical to call our leak detection team as soon as possible, as we can use our training and technology to find the source of the problem. We can use sensors, thermal imaging, and cameras in your pipes to find the leak without excavating or otherwise damaging your property. If you detect a leak early, you can keep the costs of repair low, as it will not escalate into a water disaster. By addressing the problem, you can preserve the state of your home, your budget, and the health of your family or employees.

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Too many people put off calling for professional leak detection since it does not seem like a pressing matter. However, the longer you wait, the greater the chance of a plumbing emergency. Contact our Broward County leak detection experts at Erica’s Plumbing about our services, or request service online today!

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