Bathrooms and kitchens represent the highest concentration of plumbing in our homes and businesses, and as such, there are several common plumbing problems that it’s good to better understand. If you’re experiencing one of these plumbing issues, it’s in your best interest to call in a West Palm Beach Plumber. When it comes to problems with your plumbing, time is often of the essence – not only to keep your bathroom running efficiently but also to catch the problem before it becomes even more inconvenient more complicated, and expensive to correct.

Slow Drains

If your bathroom drains are sluggish, it’s not only inconvenient and unsightly but can also be indicative of a problem with your pipes. As debris and sediment begin to collect on the inside of your pipes, it slows the drainage process. Over time, this buildup can damage your pipes and lead to a complete blockage – both of which can necessitate expensive repairs. Fitting your shower with a drain trap can help prevent slow-draining showers, but if you’ve already got a slow drain, schedule an appointment with a West Palm Beach plumber today.

Low Water Pressure

If a faucet in your bathroom isn’t flowing as swiftly and fully as it usually does (and the issue isn’t related to your city’s water source), it could mean that your faucet aerators have built-up sediment or other deposits that are causing the water to flow in a trickle instead of a full, steady stream. If cleaning your shower head and/or the faucet aerator doesn’t help, you very well may have a plumbing issue. A leaky or damaged pipe can lead to serious plumbing problems that can even cause structural damage and unhealthy mold issues. If the water pressure in your bathroom has changed, contact an experienced West Palm Beach plumber right away.

Leaky Faucets

A leaky faucet isn’t just an irritation – it likely means that you have a plumbing issue on your hands. A dripping faucet can be caused by any number of culprits, including faulty or inferior hardware, a damaged or leaking pipe, a poor connection between a pipe and its fitting, and more. Don’t ignore a leaky faucet; call in the professionals.

Running Toilet

If your toilet is continually running, it’s trying to tell you something. It could be something as simple as a worn or displaced flapper inside the tank, but it can also be a sign that you have a plumbing problem. If tweaking the flapper doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to bring in an experienced West Palm Beach plumber. A toilet that won’t quit running is likely to spike your water bill and it could be indicative of a serious issue with your plumbing. Early intervention is always the best option.

Leaky Pipes

If you’re experiencing a leaky pipe that you can see – either because you have pooling water or because you can see the drip, drip, drip – it’s time to call in a plumber pronto. A leaky pipe can lead to structural damage and can breed mold and mildew, which is associated with significant health risks.

Unpleasant Odors

The smell of sewer gasses in your bathroom can be caused by a variety of sources, and it’s always best to enlist the services of a skilled West Palm Beach plumber to determine the cause of the odor and to correctly repair the problem as quickly as possible. Such smells can indicate external plumbing issues, a dry shower trap, damaged or leaking pipes, and other culprits. A professional plumber will get to the heart of the matter and will ensure that the problem is dealt with effectively and efficiently the first time.

A West Palm Beach Plumber Can Help

If your bathroom plumbing is acting up, you notice. While you may be able to turn a blind eye toward a dripping sink, slow drain, or constantly running toilet, it’s not in the best interest of your home or your pocketbook to do so. A problem with your plumbing – even a niggling problem – can not only morph into a bigger issue but can also be a sign that there’s already a more significant problem in the works. Don’t wait until you have a full-blown plumbing emergency, schedule the professional services of a West Palm Beach Plumber.

If You Have an Issue with the Plumbing in Your Bathroom, Contact an Experienced West Palm Beach Plumber Today

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