There are a variety of plumbing myths out there that continue to trip people up, and that you should do your best to avoid. If you have a minor plumbing issue like a wimpy toilet flange or a recent blockage, you may be able to tackle the problem with your DIY skills. If the plumbing problem is more serious, however, it’s time to consult with an experienced Coral Springs plumber. When it comes to plumbing, it’s often in your best interest to leave it to the trained professionals.


Separating Fact from Fiction


There are at least eight myths floating around out there that can steer you wrong in terms of your plumbing. Learn them well.


Myth 1

Putting a brick in your toilet tank will save on my water bill


While this sounds good in theory, it’s not helpful. A brick can interfere with the inner workings of your tank, which can lead to increased flushing – defeating the purpose outright. Bricks also tend to crumble and otherwise deteriorate over time, which isn’t good for your tank. Toilets continue to become more and more water-efficient; speak with a reputable Coral Springs plumber about better options.


Myth 2

Toilet tablets containing bleach are effective at keeping my toilet clean


While bleach-based toilet tablets might temporarily help keep your toilet fresh, their high bleach concentration is terrible for the inner workings of your toilet. Using a bleach-containing toilet bowl cleaner is fine, but don’t let it sit in your bowl for more than seven or eight minutes before swishing and flushing it down.


Myth 3

Flushable wipes can be flushed safely


The name flushable wipes would lead you to believe that they can be safely flushed through your plumbing system. You are ill-advised to do so, however. While flushable wipes tend to be more biodegradable than other wipes, they can still do major damage to your plumbing.


Myth 4

Lemon peels in my garbage disposal are a great way to keep it smelling fresh


While lemon peels can freshen up your disposal, they can also do some serious damage. To help keep your garbage disposal working like a top and smelling fresh, skip the lemon peel and instead pour a homemade mixture of white vinegar with a little baking soda dissolved in it down your drain.


Myth 5

As long as the grease is hot enough to be liquid, it’s fine to pour it down the drain


No, it’s never a good idea to pour grease down your sink, and you should never do so. As the hot grease cools it will adhere to your pipes and can precipitate a serious plumbing disaster. Allow the grease to harden, and throw it away.

Myth 6

A faucet’s slow leak isn’t a big deal

Ignoring even a small leak is ill-advised. A leak will hike up your water bill unnecessarily, is a waste of natural resources, and is hard on your plumbing and fixtures because it keeps them in constant work mode. If you’ve got a leaky faucet, it’s time to call in a Coral Springs plumbing professional.

Myth 7

If my sink is running slow, a plunger is a good idea

A plunger isn’t always a good idea. It’s important to understand the basics if you are going to use a plunger on your sink:

  • Never combine plunging with chemical drain cleaners. It can be extremely dangerous, especially if you have a double sink. Further, chemical drain cleaners are hard on your plumbing and are not recommended.
  • Try a nonchemical drain cleaner first, and if that doesn’t work, try plunging.
  • Don’t double plunge. If you see the drain clear, don’t plunge again.
  • Never use your toilet plunger in your sink; keep a separate plunger for this purpose.

If you can’t remedy a slow drain with a nonchemical drain cleaner and a bit of plunging, you need the professional services of a Coral Springs plumber.

Myth 8

My water heater is gurgling, so it’s probably going to explode

It is highly unlikely that your water heater is going to explode. The likely culprit is sediment at the bottom of your water tank, which can get pretty loud. The sediment blocks air from rising, and as a result, the air can pop loudly. Keep your water heater in tip-top condition by scheduling regular maintenance with a skilled plumbing professional.

Instead of Clinging to Plumbing Myths, Consult with a Coral Springs Plumber Today

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