Plumbing issues are bound to arise as time progresses. Though most pipes and plumbing system components are made to last decades if not a full century, repairs and replacement will eventually be necessary. Below, our Tamarac plumbers reveal the most common pipe problems.

Problem #1: Pipe Obstructions

Pipes can only take so much hair, dirt, objects, and other gunk before they become obstructed. Even a wayward tree root has the potential to obstruct a subterranean pipe. Do not resort to the use of a drain clog remover available at the local store in an attempt to clear the obstruction. Such supposed solutions are rife with harmful chemicals that will damage your pipes, necessitating premature replacement.

You can do your part to prevent obstructions by positioning a drain filter in the sinks and bathtubs throughout the entirety of your home. Drain filters are an affordable and easy means of preventing pipe clogs yet some homeowners still do not use them. If you end up with a clog, our local plumbers in Tamarac are here to remove it and return your home plumbing to normal.

Problem #2: Pipe Leaks

Ideally, our Tamarac plumbers will inspect your home plumbing system on an annual basis. Allow us to perform this essential inspection and we will determine if any of your pipes are corroded and/or leaking. Your pipes may have corroded to the point that they leak water. Our local plumbers in Tamarac will also determine if the water lines that supply your home’s appliances with water require replacement. There is even a chance particularly high water pressure is the true cause of your leaky pipe(s). Our plumber will check your home’s water pressure and alter it as necessary to reduce the chances of leaks.

Problem #3: Cracking and/or Shifting Pipes

Changes in the weather and the seasons impact the soil around your home’s subterranean piping system. Even a brief drought has the potential to cause the soil to shrink away from your subterranean pipes. Alternatively, if rain is abundant, the soil will be saturated to the point that it expands and heightens the pressure on one or several pipes. Such alterations in soil conditions have the potential to cause pipes to either crack or shift. If pipe shifting or cracking occurs, the joints will dislocate and possibly collapse, creating the potential for a slew of problems including many of those listed above.

Problem #4: Garbage Disposal Back-up

The garbage disposal is for food remnants as opposed to trash. Do not put actual garbage in the disposal. Feed food remnants into the disposal in a gradual manner while allowing cold water to flow down with those particles. Furthermore, it is a mistake to put eggshells, grease, or foods that are high in starch in the garbage disposal as they will clog the pipes below, causing a nasty backup. It is best to put such problematic items in the trash can or compost. However, if your garbage disposal is backed up, our local plumbers in Tamarac will gladly tend to the problem on your behalf.

Problem #5: Sewer Backups

Sewer backups are one of the more frustrating plumbing problems. You can do your part to prevent a sewer backup with preventative maintenance. If your home has a septic tank, empty it as scheduled. The pumping frequency of your septic tank hinges on the number of people in your home and the tank’s size. In general, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends pumping septic tanks once every 3-5 years. If the primary sewage pipe directly connects to the municipal line, it should be cleaned once every couple of years.

Problem #6: Grease Solidification

Though most people are aware it is a mistake to dump grease and other fats down drains, plenty of people do it anyway. Even the occasional dumping of grease down the drain has the potential to cause it to harden and possibly solidify within the pipes. Grease deposits gradually build up to the point that they can cause significant clogging and spur additional problems across posterity. Do not attempt to remove the buildup of grease in your pipes on your own. Our plumbers in Tamarac are here to address this challenging problem on your behalf to prevent pipe corrosion and return your plumbing functionality to normal.


Even the best pipes and plumbing systems are bound to break down after a considerable period. Some of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners may face are mentioned above. While some of these may be easy to identify and fix, others may be complex and require expert attention. Regardless of the plumbing issue in your home or office, do not hesitate to hire experienced plumbers for a job that’s reliable and long-lasting.

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