Hot water helps keep your home running smoothly. Whether it’s for hot showers in the morning, for endless loads of laundry, or for getting the dishes done, hot water is elemental to family life. If your home’s hot water supply has become an issue, an experienced Coral Springs plumber will provide you with two great options – with myriad choices between them.  Further, your plumber will help you determine the water heater that best suits your needs and will professionally install that heater with the least amount of fuss and inconvenience. Your family needs a reliable source of hot water, and your professional plumber will ensure that you get just that.

The 2 Major Types of Water Heaters

Traditional Tank Water Heaters

Just because they’re the traditional model doesn’t mean that tank water heaters haven’t been upgraded and improved over the years. In fact, they have. A tank water heater is comprised of a large tank that keeps hot water at the ready so your family has it when they need it. Tank water heaters come with options, including the size of the tanks and how the water heaters are powered. If you have a large household that sees a lot of action, there are large tanks to the rescue. Further, there are both electric and gas options, and modern tank water heaters have become more and more durable.

While a tank water heater obviously can’t provide you with limitless hot water, there are a variety of sizes to accommodate nearly every home’s needs. Because tank water heaters hold hot water until it’s used, they are less energy efficient – if you go away for a week, your water heater keeps the entire tank of water hot for the duration. New models, however, have been modernized to include energy-saving features.

Tankless Water Heaters

As their name implies, tankless water heaters forego the tank because they don’t store hot water – they instantly heat water as it’s being used. In this way, tankless water heaters are able to heat exactly the amount of water needed in your household  – whether you’re open for business as usual or on an extended vacation. When the hot water tap – in a sink, tub, or appliance – is turned on, it trips the tankless water heater on. As water flows through the heater, the mechanism’s element heats the water on contact. The only time-delay is the time it takes for water to flow from the water heater to the faucet where it’s being used. When no hot water is in use, the tankless water heater powers off. There’s no wasted expenditure of energy to keep hot water at the ready because these units heat as they go.

Like traditional tank heaters, tankless water heaters can be powered by gas or electricity and they are available with a variety of features. Tankless water heaters are unique in that they take up very little valuable real estate in your home. They can even be hung on the wall to free up floor space. Further, tankless water heaters are comprised of replaceable parts, so they are far less likely – than traditional tank heaters – to end up in a landfill.  There are, however, several characteristics of tankless heaters that you should carefully consider:

  • Tankless heaters can only heat so much water per minute, which can be less than ideal for very large, active households.
  • Tankless water heaters require a more substantial initial investment – though you will save on future energy bills.
  • Tankless water heaters are susceptible to damage if exposed to freezing temperatures.

Traditional or Tankless? Your Coral Springs Plumber Will Help You Find the Best Fit

Both traditional water heaters and tankless water heaters are great options, but your unique household has unique hot water needs. Professional plumbers have the skill, knowledge, and experience to carefully assess your situation and to help you find the water heater that’s best suits your personal needs. Keep your family in hot water by contacting a Coral Springs plumber today.

If Hot Water Has Become an Issue, Call an Experienced Coral Springs Plumber Today 

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