7 Plumbing Myths Every Florida Homeowner Should be Aware Of

Plumbing Myths Every Florida Homeowner Should be Aware Of

When it comes to plumbing, there are plenty of myths, half-truths, and even some bald-faced lies. Believing one of the many plumbing myths that pervade society has the potential to put your Florida home's plumbing system in jeopardy.

There is no reason to take even the slightest chance with this essential and expensive system. The slightest mistake spurred by a plumbing myth can set you back hundreds or even tens of thousands of dollars in plumbing system repair or replacement costs.

Let's take a look at the most pervasive plumbing myths homeowners and renters in the greater Florida area should be aware of.

Myth #1: A Leaky Faucet is Nothing to Worry About

A dripping faucet is a major problem. Constant dripping from any faucet in your Florida home will spike your monthly water bill. Such dripping will also waste our limited supply of water to boot. Making matters worse is the fact that a dripping faucet will cause wear on the faucet and the plumbing system as a whole. If you notice your faucet is dripping, do not attempt a DIY repair as you might exacerbate the problem. The smart move is to contact our Florida plumbers for prompt analysis and repair or replacement.

Myth #2: Putting a Brick in the Toilet Tank Will Save Money

This old wives' tale is nothing but a bald-faced lie. There is no logic in putting a brick in the toilet tank. Sadly, some Florida residents assume this myth is actually true and end up with a broken flapper that forces multiple flushes and significant water waste. Bricks will gradually crumble over time. If you currently have a brick in your toilet tank, take it out right away!

Myth #3: A Lemon Peel Eliminates Sink Stink

Do not put a lemon peel in your sink unless you have an incredibly powerful garbage disposal. There is a chance your garbage disposal will struggle to break apart the lemon peel, resulting in a significant clog that sabotages your Florida home's plumbing system. Instead of dropping a lemon peel in the garbage disposal and hoping it reduces sink stink without causing a clog, use a combination of vinegar and baking soda. This combination will clean your drain while masking the offensive odor emanating from the drain below.

Myth #4: A Plunger Can Be Used to Unclog a Sink

Though it is tempting to use your toilet plunger to unclog a backed-up sink, this is an unsanitary practice. Even if you spray down the plunger with a hose, it is a mistake to attempt to use it to suck out all the gunk stuck in the drain. There is a chance the plunger will clear out one sink and backup the adjacent sink. Furthermore, plunging a sink can generate a commercial drain cleaner chemical splash-back that damages the skin. Instead of using a plunger, apply a non-chemical cleaning agent.

Myth #5: Toilet Freshness Can Be Maintained with Bleach Toilet Tablets

Today's bleach toilet tables are so concentrated that they will damage the inner portion of the toilet in as few as six months. Though it is acceptable to use bleach in regular toilet bowl cleaners, it should not sit in the toilet for longer than 10 minutes. Squirt the cleaning solution in the toilet blow, swish it around, set the timer for 8-10 minutes, and flush the toilet.

Myth #6: Grease Can Be Poured Down the Drain as It Is a Liquid

Though most liquids should be dumped down the drain, pouring grease into a drain opening will prove problematic in due time. Grease from bacon and other meat coats the pipes of your Florida home's plumbing system. Once the grease dries, it will prove to be quite the mess, causing a pipe to burst or an even worse problem. When in doubt, do not pour any questionable liquid or other items down your drain or toilet. Be safe rather than sorry by reaching out to our Florida plumbers for guidance.

Myth #7: A Loud Rumble from a Water Heater Indicates It Is Poised to Explode

It is possible the gurgling noise emanating from your Florida home's water heater is a sign of trouble. However, this noise is not an indication the unit is ready to explode or malfunction in any other manner. If your water heater rumbles, stay calm. This noise is likely the result of hard water sediment being shifted around within the water heater by the burner along the bottom. This movement has the potential to create fairly loud noises. However, the noise is merely the result of air popping as it cannot rise to the top due to sediment blocking its path. Instead of panicking and assuming you will have to replace your water heater, contact our local plumbers in Florida to drain and flush the water heater as necessary.


Being clear on the actual dos and don’ts of your home plumbing system will enable you to help it function smoother, and increase its efficiency and longevity. Do not make the mistake of believing in certain long-standing myths only to have damaged pipes, drains, and more. Get your facts right and trust only the professionals to keep your plumbing system in good shape.

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