Your home’s pipes are subjected to considerable pressure, temperature alterations, and other challenges yet plumbing systems tend to be out of mind as they are out of sight. For the most part, pipes tend to be fairly quiet as they transmit water from one part of the home to another. However, pipes have the potential to produce some noise. A wide array of problems can cause such noise. Our Delray Beach plumbing aficionados are here to analyze the problem on your behalf, perform the necessary repair, or even complete a full replacement. Let’s take a quick look at whether noisy pipes are a major problem for your Delray Beach plumbing system.

Pipe Whistling

Plumbing systems typically generate two types of whistling: whistling within the pipe system and whistling spurred by specific valves or faucets. If merely one or two faucets whistle when operating, the problem is likely a loose screw, a worn-out washer, or a dirty aerator within the faucet. To remedy such a problem, the water supply must be turned off so our Delray Beach plumbing team can replace the compromised parts. If the toilet whistles yet eventually quiets down following the tank fills, it will require a ballcock valve. However, if the toilet whistles without interruption, there is likely a problem with the vertical overflow tube. In some cases, the float arm can be bent down a bit to allow the ballcock to turn off that much faster.

In some cases, whistling seems to emerge from all over the place. If this is the case at your home, there is likely an excess of mineral buildup, a faulty pressure regulator, or a worn-out main water supply valve. Our Delray Beach plumbing crew is here to tend to these problems and perform the necessary repair(s). In the end, the age of your plumbing system and how the supply system is orchestrated will play a large part in the approach to repair.

What About Noisy Copper Pipes?

Copper pipes can expand as hot water moves through and transfers heat. Copper is ductile as well as malleable, meaning it has the potential to alter its shape upon contact with other materials/forces. If space is tight, there is the potential for copper hot water lines to expand and rub against structural components ranging from support brackets to joists, studs, etc. This rubbing will generate considerable noise. Reducing the water setting on the water heater might reduce the noise. Thankfully, most copper pipes that expand and contract will not result in a leak. It is certainly possible to eliminate sheetrock and add foam padding around the copper pipes yet such an effort is best limited to instances in which remodeling is performed.

Water Hammers are a Legitimate Problem in Delray Beach

Water hammers are one of the more common problems that generate noise from pipes. Water hammers occur when water is in the off position and the elevated pressure within the pipes causes the water to seek out a new destination. The result is a loud banging against the pipe walls and/or the water shut-off valve. Oftentimes, this noise sounds similar to a hammer’s banging. Though a water hammer typically occurs after the appliance or faucet has been turned off, it is still annoying and should be tended to by our Delray Beach plumbing crew.

The solution to your water hammer problem might be the resetting of the air chambers within the water system. However, in some cases, merely resetting the pressure chambers will not suffice. If the noise still occurs, take a close look at the supply pipes. Oftentimes, the supply pipes in older homes are not properly secured so they end up moving more than they should, generating waves that spur water hammer. If necessary, our Delray Beach plumbing gurus will add an in-line arrester for water surges to remedy your water hammer problem.

What About Vibrating Pipes?

Vibrating pipes are a clear sign of elevated water pressure. It is possible to test your home’s water pressure with the use of a threaded pressure gauge. Such a gauge screws directly onto the valve or faucet. Your property’s water pressure should not surpass 80 psi. If the water pressure exceeds this level, our Delray Beach plumbing crew will add a pressure regulator so the elevated water pressure does not compromise your home.

Rubbing and Squeaking Noises

If your home’s pipes are not properly insulated, they will likely generate a rubbing noise or a faint squeak. Metal pipes warm and expand as hot water moves through them. These pipes rub against the structural components, generating noise. However, supply pipes are typically drywalled in place so it does not make sense to tear out anything to apply padding. In some cases, reducing the water heater temperature will remedy the problem. However, if the pipework is necessary, our Delray Beach plumbing crew is here to do the work on your behalf.

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