With the summertime now here, and the sun at its warmest of the year, many homeowners are considering how best to enjoy the hot weather.

But while a fun water balloon fight with family might seem like a great idea, it’s important to consider water waste during this peak time for usage across the country. To help guide you in choosing environmentally friendly ways to enjoy outdoor games this summer, we’re highlighting several options.

Play Jump the Hose

The water from your hose can cause a significant amount of waste if it’s not used effectively this summer season. But if you choose to involve the hose during periods of drier weather, you can safeguard your yard while minimizing water use.

One great game to play is jump the hose. This involves a person standing at one side of the garden with the hose, and then allowing the spray from the hose to rise a foot or two above the ground. The other person then tries to jump over the water spray as it raises incrementally.

This is a great way to ensure the lawn is watered while giving your kids a game to play on those beaming hot summer days.

Use Sponges Instead of Water Balloons

Using sponges instead of water balloons is another great way to ensure that you’re water conscious while having fun this summer. Sponges can soak up the required water and rarely release it when they’re thrown, like water balloons.

And so, if your kids have a number of friends over for play time; give them the option of using sponges and soaking their friends. Sponges can also be reused throughout the summer, saving you money on supplies.

Play Pass the Water Balloon

Pass the water balloon is another fun game for all the family to enjoy this summer. And because you only use one balloon per round, you won’t waste as much water as you might during a water balloon fight.

The game involves a group sitting in a circle passing around a water balloon while the music plays in the background. When the music stops, the person holding the balloon drops it over the head of the person to their right. In most cases, the balloon will have burst well before the music stops as each player hurriedly passes it along.

Our team is here to guide you in environmentally safe water games to play this summer!

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