How Florida Plumbers Can Help You Remove Black Mold

Remove Black Mold Florida


If you think you might have black mold in your home or are certain this toxic mold is present, do not touch it or disturb it in any other manner. The identification and removal of the black mold is a job for our Florida plumbers. You will need the assistance of a proven professional to fully eliminate Stachybotrys mold, sometimes referred to as toxic black mold or simply black mold. Below, we provide a look at how our Florida plumbers handle black mold.

1. Only the Proven Professionals Should Remove Your Black Mold

Our Florida plumbers remove black mold in a manner that ensures your air is not polluted with mycotoxins. Mycotoxins contaminate your living space. The best course of action is to reach out to a black mold removal specialist on the double. Do not make the mistake of attempting a DIY black mold removal as such an effort will lead to the release of the aforementioned mycotoxins and spores.

Time is of the essence. Your black mold problem will only worsen if you delay. If black mold continues to accumulate in your living space, you will eventually endure health problems, likely long-term maladies that cause lasting damage. Toxic black mold has the potential to cause all sorts of health issues ranging from breathing problems to internal organ damage, mental impairment and possibly even death.

2. How Professionals Remove Black Mold

If possible, you should vacate the premises prior to the removal of the black mold. If you have toxic symptoms, it is that much more important that you exit the property immediately and obtain medical assistance. You will be able to return to your home once our Florida plumbers remove the mold. Our team is here to remove all the black mold from your living space so it does not move throughout the entirety of your home.

Our Florida plumbers take the following approach when removing mold:

  • The process begins with testing and identification. If there is a toxic black mold growing in your living space, we will find it. We have the high-tech equipment, testing methods and experience necessary to pinpoint all of the black molds in your home.
  • Toxic black mold is especially likely in areas containing water. Our team will zero in on areas where water has leaked and also delve into hidden areas to identify the true extent of black mold in your home.
  • If necessary, we will inspect the interior of the wall cavities to boot. Our Florida plumbers know all the common signs of toxic black mold.
  • While some other supposed mold removal specialists will claim to address the entirety of black mold problems, some will merely address water-logged areas where mold is most likely to grow.
  • Our team even goes as far as using an encapsulant or sealer to ensure the areas we treat are water-resistant.
  • We will HEPA vacuum the areas where black mold was found and addressed. All surfaces in the containment area are vacuumed in this manner to collect as many mold spores as possible. Our vacuums are not the same as those sold in hardware stores. Our highly-specialized HEPA vacuums ensure the microscopic spores sucked up by the vacuum are not sent right back into your living space.
  • Once the vacuuming portion of the cleanup is complete, we will conduct a wet wipe down of the impacted space. Our cleaning cloths are soaked with a specialized cleaner or antimicrobial agent. The purpose in keeping these clothes moist is to facilitate the cleaning process and also to gather as many mold spores as possible so they do not infiltrate the air you and your loved ones breathe.

3. Final Mold Testing and Clearance

We will verify your living space has returned to normal with our Post Remediation Verification Inspection. This test involves an inspection of affected areas to ensure they are completely clean. We will also gauge the moisture content of the materials so we are completely certain they have properly dried. Our Florida plumbers then conduct ambient air sampling to test for mold spores, compare the test results to outdoor samples and ultimately gauge whether the indoor sample meets clearance standards.

4. Professional Mold Removal Really Works

Once our Florida plumbers are done removing the black mold from your property, you will be completely confident moving back into your home. Our mold removal service is proven to work. It does not matter if the mold is on the surface of the walls, ceiling, the floor or elsewhere, we will find it and eliminate it as quickly as possible. Our Florida plumbers understand the science of black mold, the methods proven to destroy it and ultimately, how to get it out of your home for good.

The bottom line is it is not in your interest to attempt to remove such a dangerous compound without the assistance of a professional. While a DIY cleaning attempt or a reliance on a local handyman to tackle such a project is likely to leave some mold in place or possibly even spread it around your home, professional mold removal will eliminate the vast majority of the mold spores. This is not a subtle difference. It is quite possible your reliance on the professionals to eliminate the black mold from your home will save your life or that of a family member or pet.

Though no Florida plumbers will be able to remove the entirety of mold from your living space, getting rid of the vast majority of it is all that is necessary. The little-known truth is mold spores will exist in your home no matter how thorough or often it is cleaned. The key is to zero in on the black mold, remove it in a timely manner, thoroughly dry the affected space and prevent water exposure across posterity.


Black mold can not only be stubborn but also extremely difficult to get rid of. Removing it is crucial to preserve the structural and aesthetic integrity of your home, as well as to keep your loved ones safe and healthy. It helps to have professionals on the job as they are trained to identify the root cause of the mold and treat it accordingly. If you've been struggling with mold problems in your home, engage the experts to remove the entirety of mold from your living space and make your house a healthier place to live.

Rely on Erica’s Plumbing Mold Removal Team for Eliminating Black Mold

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