Pipe corrosion is bound to occur in due time. However, if pipe corrosion is addressed in a timely and professional manner, it will not cause extensive or expensive damage to your Delray plumbing system. Let’s take a look at how our Delray plumbers identify and handle pipe corrosion.

Determining the Cause of Corrosion

The battle against pipe corrosion starts with developing a comprehensive understanding of why it occurred in the first place. If stagnant water is permitted to rest on pipes for a lengthy period, it will cause corrosion within the interior of the pipe. If water moves through the pipe in question at a rapid rate of speed, it has the potential to wear away the copper in the pipe interior.

In some cases, the ends of the pipe were not reamed as smooth as they should have been before soldering. If this is the case, raised burrs within the pipe will spur local turbulence, also referred to as erosion-corrosion. The result is pipe corrosion.

There is also a chance that an abundance of flux residue will cause corrosion and pitting on cold-water piping. The abundance of flux moves through the pipe and deposits itself, ultimately spurring pitting along with the pipe interior.

Finally, there is a chance that iron deposits stemming from a rust-laden water heater can lead to corrosion in copper piping. Our Delray plumbers are here to determine if this is the true cause of your pipe corrosion. If so, altering the water heater anode rods every couple of years might solve the problem.

What About Old Age?

In some cases, the true cause of pipe corrosion is simply old age. Pipes that have been in place for several decades have the potential to corrode. The bottom line is there will be wear and tear on your Delray plumbing system as time progresses. Furthermore, the lack of plumbing maintenance and timely repairs is likely to increase the chances of pipe corrosion. Let our Delray plumbers inspect your plumbing system and we will determine the true cause of corrosion.

Corrosion and Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes often result from pipe corrosion. The replacement of corroded pipes just might prevent continued leakage. Ignore your leaky pipe long enough and it will cause even more damage to the plumbing system and your home as a whole. Our Delray plumbers are here to get to the bottom of your corrosion problem, eliminate leaks, and ensure full system functionality as quickly as possible.

Lubricants and/or Wax

Some lubricants loosen threads to dissolve built-up rust. In some cases, the plumber’s wax will loosen up the rust. However, large wrenches with lengthy handles must be used with considerable force to separate joints that are locked tightly in place. In other words, this is a job for our Delray plumbers rather than a DIY (do it yourself) project to attempt on your own. Let us eliminate the rust and the friction within metal joint threads will be minimized, ultimately allowing us to turn them and treat them as necessary to reduce corrosion.

In some cases, lubricating the joint with the use of a plumber’s candle will suffice in place of a spray lubricant. However, the joint must be carefully heated with a propane torch to the point that it is hot enough to sufficiently melt the wax. The candle is held to the joint and moved around within the corroded pipe, facilitating access to the problem spot, and allowing for as thorough a clearing as possible.

Pipe Replacement

The worst-case scenario is a full pipe replacement. Though pipe replacement is more expensive than repair and other corrosion-elimination methods, it is well worth it in the long run. Let our Delray plumber replace your corroded pipes and you won’t have to worry about them for decades. Though these pipes might corrode across posterity, it will take at least 10-20 years for any meaningful amount of corrosion to form. There is a chance that comparably cheap partial pipe replacement will suffice. Let our Delray plumbers take a close look at your pipes to determine the best approach to combating corrosion.


While pipe corrosion isn’t entirely preventable, steps can be taken to treat the pipes affected by it. It all begins with determining the cause of the corrosion and dealing with it accordingly. If bad comes to worse, the pipe may have to be replaced entirely. It is best to count on the professionals as only an experienced plumber will be able to recommend the best solution.

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