Any plumbing problem is a significant problem, but a burst pipe can be particularly bad. A burst pipe means lots of leaking water and often leads to serious property damage. What’s worse, water damage can lead to mold issues in your home and to consequent health issues. If you suffer a burst pipe, an experienced West Palm Beach plumber will help mitigate the damage, return your home to pre-accident condition, and ensure that your pipes aren’t susceptible to further problems.

For a Burst Pipe, Call a West Palm Beach Plumber Immediately

Pipes can burst for any number of reasons, but there are several common causes:

  • Frozen Pipes

When water freezes inside pipes (if, for instance, your heat is off, turned down, or goes out), it can cause those pipes to burst. This is because ice has more volume than water and, as it expands, it intensifies the pressure within the pipes. As pressure builds, it can cause the affected pipe to burst. To help prevent your pipes from freezing, let the faucets in your home run slowly but steadily during extreme cold spells, insulate exposed pipes, and keep your thermostat above 55 degrees. An experienced West Palm Beach plumber will help you explore the best options for ensuring that your pipes don’t burst during cold snaps.

  • Corroded Pipes

Pipes are constructed to last a good long time, but nothing lasts forever, and like anything else, pipes eventually begin to wear out. Corrosion often builds slowly over time. Whether it’s caused by a pH imbalance in the water, a hard water issue, or anything else, corrosion can narrow the pipes’ internal diameter, which can lead to a complete blockage and to burst pipes.

  • Pipe Movement

When water pipes aren’t well secured, they can experience movement when the water in your home is turned on and off. The sound of pipes clanging within your walls (or under your floors) is known as water hammer, and this pipe movement can cause the joints in your pipes to weaken over time. When a joint fails altogether, the water damage that ensues can be catastrophic.

  • Water Pressure

Your pipes need to be kept within certain water-pressure parameters to be well maintained. When water pressure is too high, pipes can rupture over time. A skilled West Palm beach plumber can test your water pressure and help you determine how best to remedy any identified problems before disaster strikes.

No matter what the cause, burst pipes result in serious property damage and they necessitate professional plumbing and restoration services.

Burst Pipes Demand a West Palm Beach Plumber

First Things First

If you experience a burst pipe, the very first thing you should do – even before calling a professional plumber – is to turn off your water by using the stop tap that’s connected to your water main, which stops water from coming into your home through the pipes. If you don’t know where your stop tap is, make sure that you have your West Palm Beach plumber identify it for you during your next maintenance appointment.

After turning off the water source to your home, call a plumber immediately. The sooner you address the issue the better. By acting quickly, you’ll be able to contain the damage as much as possible.

A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency – there are no two ways about it. The property damage that ensues is often extensive and can worsen over time, but there are also the dangerous effects of moisture and mold to consider. Lingering moisture, which typically requires professional restoration services to rectify, can cause not only structural damage but also lead to serious health issues – induced by mold in your home. Your home is likely your most significant investment, and a burst pipe can quickly wreak immense damage. At the first sign of leakage or a burst pipe in your home, call a West Palm Beach Plumber.

A burst pipe can upend your life and cause considerable property damage. Fortunately, the plumbing and restoration specialists at Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Restoration are here to help. Our master team will attend to your emergency by efficiently identifying the source of your problem, performing initial cleanup, and identifying your best options for you. In fact, our plumbing and restoration professionals are preferred by many homeowners and most insurance companies in the West Palm Beach area.

Our technicians will not only fix your plumbing but will also get down to the important task of restoring your home to pre-accident condition to help ensure that hidden damage doesn’t continue to fester after the fact. If you’ve experienced a burst pipe, don’t hesitate to contact or call us at (561) 782-2779.

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