If you’ve got a problem with your sewer line, you need an experienced plumber. If your home is older, it’s very likely that you’ll eventually need repairs made to your sewer line, which is the system of sewer pipes in your yard that all your home’s drains connect to. Repairs to your sewer line are often major, so it’s helpful to understand the basics.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several questions that many homeowners have when it comes to sewer line repairs:

Shouldn’t the City of Boca Raton be responsible for repairs to my sewer line?

This issue confuses many homeowners. You are responsible for all maintenance and necessary repairs to your home’s plumbing, and this includes the sewer lines that connect you home’s pipes to the city’s sewer main.

What are the signs of a problem with my sewer line?

There are any number of signs that you may be experiencing a problem with your sewer line. There are, however, some tell-tale signs that you should be aware of:

  • If you hear gurgling in your toilets – or elsewhere in your pipes – it’s likely a sign that something’s going on with your sewer line.
  • If you detect a foul odor in your yard, around your house, or in your home, it’s time to call in a plumber.
  • If your drains are chronically running slowly, it’s likely because of a blockage in your sewer line.
  • If you detect unexplained wet or sunken patches in your yard, they’re probably indicative of a leak in your sewer line.

If you experience any of these conditions, do not hesitate to call in a plumber to come out and investigate the situation and provide you with options about how best to deal with the issue.

Is it really necessary to dig up my yard?

It isn’t always necessary to dig up the yard. Experienced Boca Raton plumbers have many tools in their arsenals, and sometimes less invasive options like trenchless repairs will take care of the problem with much less upheaval to your yard and home life.

What are trenchless repairs?

Trenchless repairs involve going into your pipes through a much smaller, localized spot in your yard. The damage is repaired by inserting an epoxy-saturated felt tube into the pipe and then inflating that tube and allowing it to dry into a brand-new ultra-durable pipe within your old pipe. A plumbing service that’s experienced with this convenient procedure will carefully assess your sewer’s issues and will outline your best options for you.

What can I do to protect my sewer lines?

A good way to help extend the life of your sewer lines is to schedule regular maintenance with a professional plumber. With regular maintenance, your plumber will be better able to identify potential problems with your sewer lines before they turn into plumbing emergencies.

Another important mechanism for maintaining your sewer lines in good operating condition is to be careful about what you put down your drains. Your drains aren’t intended for the elimination of hair, food waste, and/or oils. Using drain traps in your showers and baths to catch the hair and watching what you send down the sink in your kitchen can go a long way toward protecting both your indoor plumbing and your sewer lines.

What should I do if I have a break in my sewer line?

If you have a break in your sewer line, you have a plumbing emergency and you need a professional Boca Raton plumber to come as quickly as possible – no matter when it happens. This means you need a plumbing service that’s available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Plumbing emergencies are always inconvenient, and you need the peace of mind of knowing that your plumber will be there for you if you ever do encounter one.

A Boca Raton Plumber to the Rescue

If you have concerns about your sewer line – or if you’re experiencing an outright plumbing emergency with your sewer line – it’s time to call in a professional Boca Raton plumber. Don’t let a niggling feeling that there’s a problem grow into a full-fledged plumbing emergency. If you encounter any signs that your sewer line is no longer functioning well, don’t ignore the issue – call in a professional.

If Your Sewer Line Needs Repairs, Call a 24/7 Boca Raton Plumber Today

A well-functioning sewer line is essential to a smooth running home. At Erica's Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Restoration in Boca Raton, our master team of experienced plumbers is committed to helping you keep your sewer line in good working condition. And if repairs are necessary, we’re available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so please contact or call us today.

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