A garbage disposal is a very convenient and useful kitchen appliance. You probably don’t realize how much you rely upon yours. If, on the other hand, your garbage disposal is clogged, you’ve got a problem on your hands. A clogged disposal is not only inconvenient and unpleasant smelling but can also damage your pipes over time. If trying a few preliminary remedies doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to call in a Coral Springs Plumber.

Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal serves you well. If yours is acting up, you’re going to notice. While you may think garbage disposal is a luxury that you can do without for a while, it’s important to remember that it’s sitting there in the middle of your kitchen harboring an unsanitary and odorous clog – even as it slows down your drains and causes further damage. If your garbage disposal isn’t working, it needs attention.

Garbage Disposals: The Does

Your garbage disposal is your kitchen’s friend, and as such, you want to do everything you can to help protect it from damage. There are a variety of steps you can take:

  • When you’re disposal is running, always allow water to pour through it. Water helps keep your garbage disposal free of debris and operating smoothly.
  • You can help keep your garbage disposal clean by running some dish soap (along with the running water) through it – let it run for a good 15 seconds or so, and you’ll achieve a fresh, clean smell.
  • Occasionally putting a few small ice cubes through your disposal (with the water running of course) can help knock stubborn debris off the blades without harming them.
  • Squeezing a lemon into your garbage disposal can help keep it smelling squeaky clean.

Garbage Disposals: The Don’ts

Just as there are things you can do to help your garbage disposal stay in top shape, there are also several things that you should never do:

  • Don’t drop eggshells down your disposal – these sticky shells can adhere to your disposal blades and lead to a damaging buildup over time.
  • Rice and pasta don’t belong in your disposal. These food items absorb water and expand, which can lead to messy and difficult-to-clear clogs.
  • Never pour any kind of oil, grease, or fat down your drains or garbage disposal. As the fat cools, it hardens and becomes very difficult to clear away. Additionally, once you have an oily buildup, other debris will begin to cling to it and will compound the problem.
  • Keep foods with fibrous strands – such as lettuce, onion skins, potatoes, celery, and asparagus – away from your garbage disposal. These strands can intertwine with your disposal’s blades and lead to messy problems.

Take care of your garbage disposal, and it will continue to help take care of you. If you’re experiencing a problem, call in a skilled Coral Springs plumber.

Taking Preliminary Steps

Sometimes a disposal will act up because of a minor problem that you can steps to rectify. For example, if you’ve accidentally dropped a utensil, piece of jewelry, sponge, or lid into the disposal, if you’ve stuffed more into the disposal than it can handle at one time, or if you haven’t used enough water to keep things flowing while the disposal’s at work, you might be faced with a clog that you can do something about. In such an instance, there are several specific steps that you should follow:

  1. Before examining your garbage disposal in any capacity, make sure that you have the power to the appliance switched off (at the breaker). Do not proceed without first powering off your disposal.


  1. If the problem is a large object or a large mass, you should be able to identify it by shining a flashlight into the disposal’s opening.
  2. If you see a blockage, use a pair of plyers or another tool to dislodge the item or mass.
  3. Allow the disposal’s motor to cool for about 15 to 20 minutes before turning the power back on.
  4. Run plenty of water through the disposal while it’s running.

If these steps don’t do the trick, it’s time to bring in a professional Coral Springs plumber.

If Your Garbage Disposal Is Giving You Problems, Call a Dedicated Coral Springs Plumber Today

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