4 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Coral Springs Plumbing

Coral Springs Plumbing Damage

The last thing you want is damage of any sort to your Coral Springs plumbing. Even minor damage to your plumbing system will prove costly and frustrating. The worst-case scenario is Coral Springs plumbing damage that causes water to breach your living or working space. It is possible plumbing damage will ruin your home or business as well as the majority of your possessions. However, there are a few things you can do to prevent such an outcome. Let's take a quick look at some helpful ways to prevent damage to your Coral Springs plumbing.

1) Mind the Water Pressure

There is a common misconception that high water pressure is optimal. Though no one wants to step into a shower with low water pressure, excessive water pressure is a problem. If you notice a rapid drop in water pressure, it is an indication there is one or several clogged pipes in your Coral Springs plumbing. The problem with high water pressure is it inflicts stress on the entirety of the plumbing system. As time progresses, this pressure causes pipes, joints and other components of your Coral Springs plumbing system to break down.

If you are even slightly suspicious your water pressure is higher than it should be, head out to the local home improvement or hardware store, pick up a pressure gauge and connect it to the draw-off by the water main for an accurate reading. The optimal pressure range is 40-80 psi. If the pressure is higher than this level, your Coral Springs plumbing system's pipes are being subjected to unnecessary wear and tear. This problem can be addressed with the application of a pressure reducing valve on your home or business's water main to regulate the water's pressure as it moves into your building.

2) Have Your Coral Springs Plumbing Inspected Once per Year

Home plumbing requires inspection and maintenance just like any other engineered system. An annual preventative inspection and maintenance performed by plumbing professionals ensure all the components of the plumbing system are functioning as they should. If our Coral Springs plumbing team finds any problems during the inspection, we will let you know the best course of action to get the plumbing system back to normal functionality. Furthermore, it is prudent o have your plumbing system inspected once per year so you have records to provide to the insurance company in the event that there is a water disaster down the line.

3) Attack Those Pesky Clogs Without Harmful Chemicals

Everything from soap to shampoo, hair and random debris will accumulate within your drains to the point that it causes the formation of a nasty clog that impedes the flow of water. If you notice water backing up in your shower or sink, do not fall into the trap of dumping a chemical-laden cleaner down the drain. Such products are chock full of harsh chemicals that sabotage your Coral Springs plumbing system. Furthermore, store-bought drain cleaners are bad for the environment to boot. Though it will take more effort to eliminate clogs with a drain snake, this approach will preserve the integrity of your Coral Springs plumbing system.

4) Plant Trees With Care

Roots from trees have the potential to grow near, within and even protrude directly through water/sewer lines. If this occurs, the flow of water will be disrupted and leaks will form. If you insist on planting one or several trees in your yard, do not plant them near the water or sewer lines. Pinpoint the exact location of your water lines before planting a single tree. It will also help to do some research to determine which types of trees have comparably shorter root systems to ultimately minimize the chances of interference with your Coral Springs plumbing system's pipes as time progresses.

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