Though no one seems to be willing to admit they dump bacon grease and other types of grease and fat down the drain, plenty of people are guilty of this plumbing sin. A grease clog is one of the worst possible clogs for your plumbing system as it can cause significant damage to the pipes. In fact, dumping bacon grease down the drain can even compromise the overarching sewer system to boot. Below, we take a look at why bacon grease is such a problem for plumbing systems and explain how our Delray Beach plumbers can help with the resulting clogs.

Why Bacon Grease Causes Nasty Clogs in Drains

Ask any plumber about the impact of bacon grease on plumbing systems and you will be inundated with an avalanche of negativity. Bacon grease is just about the worst possible item to put in a drain as it causes harsh clogs. Bacon grease hardens as it cools. This grease will gradually solidify and harden after it is put in the drain. Even a small amount of bacon grease can get stuck in the pipe, causing a considerable clog that ultimately obstructs the flow of water. Sadly, it is only a matter of time until the bacon grease you have dumped down your drain leads to a significant clog that necessitates the assistance of our Delray Beach plumbers.

In most cases, we find the bacon grease does not move far down into the pipes even if it is still in liquid form and has not solidified. Bacon grease, as well as every other type of grease and fat, is incredibly sticky. Grease adheres to the sides of the pipe walls until it turns into a solid that impedes the flow of water. Complicating this problem is other items that move through the drain cling to the grease. As time progresses, the abundance of grease and attached garbage will harden, become odorous and disrupt your plumbing system. It is even possible for grease to stick to the grease that has been dumped down your drain. This combination of grease will congeal, grow in size and become that much harder. The end result is a mass of grease that proves quite challenging to remove from the drain. Our Delray Beach plumbers have even found grease clogs that extend to a whopping 10 feet.

Removing Grease From the Drain Line

Eliminating grease from a clogged drain is easier said than done. In some cases, pouring dishwashing liquid down the drain successfully clears minor grease clogs. However, in the vast majority of cases, it is better to lean on our Delray Beach plumbers for professional drain-clearing assistance. Hydro sewer jetting performed with a powered drain auger and the proper hydro jet equipment might get the job done. Let our Delray Beach plumbers determine if this is the optimal approach for your unique drain clog. Resist the temptation to attempt a DIY (do it yourself) drain cleaning with such equipment as you might end up injuring yourself. The application of high-pressure water through a specialized jet with the proper nozzle just might completely eliminate the clog and return your home plumbing to normal.

Professional Delray Beach Plumbing Maintenance Will Prevent Additional Clogs

Preventative maintenance has the potential to prevent the formation of clogs across posterity. Spend the little bit of money necessary for Delray Beach plumbers to maintain your plumbing systems and you will rest easy knowing your plumbing system is in tip-top shape. Our plumbing maintenance service keeps the pipes as clean as possible. However, annual plumbing maintenance does not give you the freedom to dump grease or fat of any sort down the drain. Always put grease and fat from bacon as well as other food into a trash receptacle as opposed to the drain.

What About Pipe Corrosion Caused by Bacon Grease?

It is possible for bacon grease to corrode your plumbing system’s pipes. If this is the case, you likely had a particularly large grease clog that gradually damaged your pipes across posterity. If the damage is excessive, it might be necessary to replace the compromised pipe. Let our Delray Beach plumbers analyze your clogged drain, determine the waste line’s condition and perform the necessary repair or replacement. Even if there is not a significant grease clog in your drain, it will still help our team to snake the drain line to combat buildups that have the potential to lead to a nasty clog.

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