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How to Address Water Leaking through Your Ceiling in FL

water leaking through your ceiling

It is not the world's end if you find water leaking through your ceiling. Though such a leak will certainly be annoying, you can mitigate the damage by acting quickly and decisively toward effective water leak detection. Below, our plumbing gurus explain exactly what you should do when water leaks through your ceiling. Before we... Read more »

The Top 5 Myths of Water Heater Installation in Coral Springs

Think back to the last time you examined your water heater. If you are like most homeowners in Coral Springs and beyond, you probably have not looked at your water heater or even thought about it in quite some time. The average person knows little-to-nothing about water heaters for good reason: these machines are out... Read more »

When Should You Hire a Boca Raton Plumber for Hydrojetting?

Slow drains are inconvenient and can quickly lead to more significant problems – and more money on repairs. Allow an experienced Boca Raton Plumber at Erica’s Plumbing and Restoration to help before it’s too late! If you experience recurring drain blockages and clogs, you know exactly how frustrating and inconvenient that can be. You’ve likely... Read more »