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For homeowners and business owners alike, there are few occurrences more annoying or stressful than flushing a toilet only to watch the water come up again. Clogged toilets are a fairly common plumbing emergency and can be caused by a variety of issues. With over a decade of experience, Erica’s Plumbing & Restoration can offer you timely and effective clogged toilet repair service. We even offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services any day of the week, including nights, holidays, and weekends! No matter the severity of the situation, you can rely on our experienced, professional team for superior toilet repairs in Boca Raton or throughout the surrounding areas.

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What Causes Clogged Toilets?

There are two main categories of clogged toilets, each caused by different factors.

Foreign Objects: This type of toilet clog occurs when a non-flushable item falls into the toilet and become lodged in the pipes. Foreign objects that can easily be lodged in a toilet include toys, shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, and sometimes even cell phones.

Simple Clogs: These clogs are typically a little more common that foreign object clogs. They can occur from too much toilet paper or flushing non-water soluble items down the toilet, such as diapers and other personal hygiene products.

How to Best Avoid & Prevent Clogged Toilets

To avoid a clogged toilet from occurring in your home, try these simple tips:

  • Use as little toilet paper as possible
  • Purchase thin toilet paper, such as single-ply varieties
  • Flush more than once if necessary
  • Place a garbage can in the bathroom close to the toilet to easily dispose of personal products
  • Get a childproof lock and attach it to the toilet seat on homes with small children

Toilet clogs are, unfortunately, impossible to avoid altogether. When you do eventually need toilet repairs in Boca Raton, turn to our trusted team. We have years of experience handling plumbing problems of all sizes, including minor and major toilet clogs. We proudly offer 24/7 emergency service for your peace of mind.

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