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If your residential or commercial septic system runs into any major issues, your entire day—or week—can be thrown off. Save yourself a headache and learn more about common problems that occur with septic tanks, as well as how the professionals at Erica’s Plumbing & Heating can help. We offer top-quality Boca Raton septic tank pumping, repair, and installation. No matter how big or small your septic tank issue, you can rely on us for exceptional workmanship and fantastic customer service. Our highly-trained technicians can quickly and accurately diagnose any problems with your tank and get right to work making the necessary repairs.

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How to Tell a Septic Tank Requires Service

A septic system is a contained underground wastewater treatment system. These systems work to treat and dispose of household water. Septic tanks are typically more economical than traditional sewer systems in rural areas, as a traditional system must run between houses that are spread very far apart.

Usually, a backed-up sewer line in a home equipped with a septic tank is the result of a clog or major issue regarding the septic tank. Our team of professional, experienced plumbers can easily remove and repair any clogs within your sewage lines.

The Leaching System

Septic leaching systems are also known as seepage pits or leach beds. This is the area where waste from the sewage tank goes once solids turn into liquids. Within the sewage tank, the solids are broken down by bacteria and turned into liquids. The sewage tank holds about four to five feet of water, which eventually exits into the leaching bed and is absorbed into the ground.

These systems are known to fail over time, but taking preventative measures, such as regular maintenance, will help keep this problem at bay. When a leaching system fails, the septic system may have to be reinstalled or a whole new package will need to be purchased.

If you’re experiencing a problem with your septic tank or would like to have a new tank installed, we can help. Call Erica’s Plumbing & Restoration at (561) 660-9964 today!

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