Author: Erica Sullivan

How to Install a Linear Shower Drain

Linear Shower Drain

The water flowing down your shower drain needs a proper outlet connection; otherwise, you risk flooding your home. Regarding showers, there are tons of drains nowadays. Unlike the standard round or square drain, a linear shower drain offers flexibility in its placement. Installing a linear drain, unlike other drain types, gives you options for placement,... Read more »

What a T&P Valve Is and How to Fix It

t&p valve

There are safety features that manage pressurized tanks so that when overheating occurs, pressure release can happen rather than rupture the tank. For the water heater, the T&P valve (temperature & pressure) valve is designed only to activate if the water temperature or pressure in the tank is excessive (above 210° F or 150 PSI). This... Read more »

How to Install a Floor Drain

Floor Drain

If you’re in the process of building a laundry room, you will need to make sure that the water from the washing machine travels in the right direction towards the sewer main. This will require installing a floor drain in the room. Read our simple, step-by-step guide for how to install a floor drain by... Read more »